Stubborn Mule

Stunning beers handcrafted
in Manchester

The story so far…

Stubborn Mule Brewery has been inspired by the perfect storm of a thriving beer market in the UK – particularly Manchester – 20-odd years of globe-trotting drinking experience and an absolute determination to create something different and share it with the world.

With many breweries already out there the obvious question might be why?! Simple. To join the party!

Pre-Prohibition Cream Ale

Despite the dark insinuation prohibition might be looming, this pilsner/pale ale hybrid is a refreshingly light & crisp beer.

The recipe is a nod to the US pre-prohibition era so its Liberty hops to add a refreshing essence of citrus, grapes, peaches and vanilla.

Crash cooled for a clean finish the perfectly timed drop of honey along with a double dose of hops makes this an interesting yet easy drinker for all.

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Single Hop IPA

Hoppy? Some beers are confused, not this Single-Hop IPA.

With a strength hidden beneath its smooth caramel notes, the layers of pungent Amarillo hops will help you understand exactly why this classic American hop is a go-to hop at our Brewery.

Caramel, tangerine, orange citrus, tropical fruit and grapefruit – it’s got the lot.

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WA15 Magnum IPA

A man’s GOT to know his limitations.

This is a 7.2% WA15 Magnum. Do you feel lucky? High hopped and dry hopped this is a fully loaded American-style IPA.

Dark amber in appearance the three hop varieties give a powerful, complex, yet balanced flavour and aroma.

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Stubborn Mule Brewery, Manchester

Competition has always driven people on to bigger and better things and this micro in Timperley is looking to see how far a mixture of hops, grain, passion – and knowing what a great beer tastes like can go.

The magic takes place in an “idyllic” suburban brewery where experimentation is the order of the day. Beers are made using traditional brewing methods, no nasties, and a belief that people are genuinely starting to look for something that makes them think when they’re choosing their next tipple.

Being a newcomer to the industry there’ll be no pretentions. This will provide scope to offer a different take on some of the classic beer styles we’ve taken in over many years of “research”….