BrewTap Table Booking


Coming Soon…..Maybe.

If you’ve stumbled across this you been having a good sniff around our shop…feel free to hit the Beer page on your way out ­čśë

Like many places we’re thinking about getting back to a semblance of normal…we have a lovely space, an amazing BrewTap following and we’d love to play a small part helping to get some fun back into the world. We’ll also try and hit COVID-19 challenges head on!!

That said, this product is currently speculative –┬á SO PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BOOK TABLES – while we look for concrete guidance from local and National government.

Rest assured though these – how calendar bookings might work – are our first formal steps in testing ways we can bring back our monthly Brewtap (or a version of it) that will be to everyone’s satisfaction in terms of safety and enjoyment.

PLEASE READ: This is for demonstration purposes only and does not in any way reflect likely set-up if we are to open at some stage. 2m etc etc Dates and times are also entirely speculative!!!

What this will give you is a rough idea of what we’re thinking and how to potentially manage it. At this point any thoughts and ideas how we can – and if we should – take this forward at some stage are absolutely welcome….

Just email  with any thoughts, ideas or concerns.


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