Deluxe Co2 Mini-Keg Dispenser


With loads of people enjoying our 5L Mini-Kegs & even more looking for cask/keg beer options they can serve easily at home – it’s time to move the home service experience to another level. We love a bit of beer tech and via our German beer buddies we’ve got some ace home dispense kit – check this for use with our 5L Mini-kegs!!

  • CO2 dispenser tap (£46.99)
  • Easy set-up adjustable flow rate using 16g CO2 cartridges (£10)
  • No O2 – no problem!!
  • Upto 25-30 EXTRA DAYS LIFE for your Mini-keg
  • Die-cast metal housing, galvanized spout and plastic clamp

Don’t get us wrong our beers are great in Mini-Kegs NOW, but if you’re getting serious about your home set-up, the obvious drawback is they need to be gone – once opened – within 72 hours. This little bit if kit, allowing service under CO2 pressure not air, sorts that problem and gives you full control of your beer service and extra life in your beer.

In this price range its the best 5L Keg Beer Dispenser on the market.

Free Delivery: WA15, WA14, M33, M23, M22

£3.50 Local: M31, M41, M32, M21, M20, M16

£7.00 UK (Courier): We’ll post Tues/Fri after order. Expect delivery within 48 hrs.

For more details just email us at or call 07730 515251.

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