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Cask Beer in Party Pins & Firkins 

Got a party or event on the horizon? Want some fresh cask beer to serve? Look no further. We can deliver firkins (68 pints) or pins (35 pints) direct to you.

We’ll advise on the most suitable beer for your party and if you don’t fancy the challenge of setting up we’ll sort out or give you a quick lesson.

CONTACT US DIRECT TO PURCHASE  at or call 07730 515251 to discuss further.

Prices will include VAT. A £75+ VAT Refundable Deposit (covering ancillary items such as casks & taps) is also required for each cask purchased.

T&Cs Apply. This product is subject to availability.

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Brand: Stubborn Mule Brewery


Our cask beer can be expected to settle in between 24-72 hours following delivery, all our beers have a naturally occurring haze which we quite like. If served inside these recommended times, the haze maybe more apparent although the beer tastes just as good.

We provide cask taps to serve rather than hand pulls reducing both expense and complexity of set-up.

We will require confirmation pre-delivery you have a suitable place to receive, stillage and serve our cask beers. OUR BEERS WILL NOT BE LEFT TO BE CONSUMED IN PLACES WE DEEM UNSUITABLE.

As far as possible a suitable place will be approx. 12oC-14oC or cellar cool and out of the sunlight.

If a cask is moved following set-up and stillage. It is done entirely at your own risk. We will accepts no returns or refund requests in relation to cask that haven’t settled or served as anticipated.

Ideally order casks 2 weeks prior to your event. Delivery will be arranged to allow casks to be tapped and vented 48-72 hours prior to service.

No ullages will be accepted.

Tapping & Venting Our Cask Beers  We will be on hand to assist with this aspect if you’re not confident.

Don’t roll the cask around, it’ll increase your beers settling time.

Lay the cask on the stillage.  If the cask has moved a lot prior to laying down leave it for a few hours; if not you can wait an hour or so and go to the next step.

Take the sterilised Y-type tap provided using the bottom end for dispense.

Open the tap and place a bucket underneath it. Using a wooden or rubber mallet knock the tap into the keystone by striking the bunged end hard with one hit.  Some beer will drop into the bucket out of the open tap. A vacuum in the cask will stop further flow but quickly close the tap once it is in securely.

MAKES SURE THE TAP IS CLOSED. Grip the wooden spile (provided) in a pair of pliers, and knock it fully into the cask shive with a mallet.

Leave the first spile in place for 24 hours or as recommended by us. At this point carefully remove it with pliers and replace with the second sterilised hard spile provided. Place this spile loosely back in the shive hole to allow the beer to vent without anything unwanted dropping in to the cask.

From here the beer should settle in line with our advised times and be ready for service as required. Feel free to taste check periodically using the y-tap. Try to avoid getting carried away at this stage.


Serve and relax.

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Weight 50 kg
Party Firkin

Li'l Napoleon, Absolute Banker, Cream Ale, SIPA, Choc Stout, Magnum Red


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