Stubborn Mule

Stunning beers handcrafted
in Manchester


Stubborn Mule Brewery has been inspired by the perfect storm of a thriving craft beer market in the UK – particularly Manchester – and an absolute determination to create something different and share it with the world.

With many breweries already out there the obvious question might be why?! Simple. To join the party!

Stubborn Mule Brewery


Handcrafted, modern beers, individually keg, cask, bottle & can conditioned. Unfiltered and unpasteurised.



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Manchester Made.

We produce handcrafted, modern beers.

Each is individually keg, cask, bottle and can conditioned, unfiltered and unpasteurised. Much of the range is vegan-friendly. We use a very traditional and in some places manual process but our outlook is very much that of a professional modern brewery.

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It’s about beers. Yup, thought that would catch your interest.

5L Keg Dispensers

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With loads of people enjoying our 5L Mini-Kegs & even more looking for cask/keg beer options they can serve easily at home – it’s time to move the home service…

Beer, Deliveries & Stuff

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Just to follow on from the note yesterday and to clarify our position….already rambling and it’s only day two!! Although, Brewery Shops (overnight) have been placed on the Government shop…

We’re Still Open…Mostly.

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Thought it best to mull that little lot over before announcing anything formal around the brewery, events and beers today. Just as 2020 was hotting up…. Without a doubt yesterday’s…