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Thought it best to mull that little lot over before announcing anything formal around the brewery, events and beers today. Just as 2020 was hotting up….

Without a doubt yesterday’s announcements will have a huge impact on the brewery and industry in the coming months. Cash flow aside the other big one is insurance….Despite COVID-19 being named a notifiable disease by the Government for insurance purposes, due to wording, this means lots of businesses as it stands – including us – won’t be covered whether forced in to closure or not. We’ve full coverage for “Plague” apparently but not this one. Bollocks.

We’ve worked long and hard to get this business moving so we’re determined to drag ourselves through this one way or another. Here’s hoping our customers, friends and anyone else across the various industries we deal with can find ways forward as well. Fingers crossed some clearer medium/longer term support measures will drop later this afternoon.

That said, we’ve a built small, independent and – possibly more by luck than judgement – at this point in time, quite nimble business. Our cost base is visible which will hopefully be to our benefit in the next few months. If we can get through this period (there will be limits) we’ve got some exciting plans for later in the year, so we’re very much hoping to ride this one out to see them take place.

If you’re a business that’s worried my advice would be to pick up the phone now. Yesterday I called our Loan providers, HMRC, amongst others, essentially everyone we have a significant monthly obligation to. You might be surprised, but all we’re pretty helpful…short term anyway, so we’ll see, it took some of the edge off it.

So, we’re still very much open for business…as far as possible.


Some of our customers (hotels with existing guests etc) at present still need beer despite yesterday’s advice. We are absolutely still able to deliver so if you find yourself in need of beer cask or keg beer please do get in touch.


5L Mini-kegs, bottles and cans are all available via the website. We’ll be knocking delivery charges off local Altrincham drops over £20 and will happily deliver items to your door leaving them somewhere agreed and safe. Happy to work with all customers locally on this.

Until further notice we’ll be continuing with the paid courier service. All orders received will be dropped at the depot the following Weds for a next day Thursday delivery. So for any nationwide orders so feel free to continue to get in touch.


We work these along with whoever we invite along to provide food. We all have numerous family, friends and no doubt likely attendees who are considered high risk in terms the implications were they to catch coronavirus. As it would seem some carriers can potentially have no symptoms yet be contagious, looking ahead, regardless of perceived good practice, deep cleans etc it’s not worth the risk of creating an environment that could potentially transmit the disease further. So until further notice BrewTap’s and Tap events will be postponed based on our interpretation of the Government’s most recent “advice”.

Comedy Night – April 25th 2020. Happily this event has sold out, unfortunately it looks like it’s going to get caught up in what might be the peak period for coronavirus. We’ll be in touch separately with everyone who’s bought a tickets in the coming weeks. A reschedule is highly likely.


If there’s anything we can assist with in the weeks ahead feel free to get in touch as we’ll be happy (and will no doubt have time!) to help in the coming weeks. We have a lovely yellow mule branded van that like it or not won’t be doing too much for the foreseeable.

If you’re a business, independent or otherwise, or individual out there who could use us to support community services, deliveries (or anything else!) please do get in touch direct.

Stay safe and good luck – Ed & family.


  • Dave Floodgate says:

    It’s great to see a local independent business flourishing, I have been buying your beers locally for a while but as I’m now confined to the shack for the foreseeable ( being over 70 ) I would like to take up your offer of delivery but can’t seem to find an order page and account details to pay,I have registered so hopefully you point me to it.
    Thanks Dave Floodgate

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