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It’s been similar for most businesses but I’ll say it again – this last few months has been madness!!! It still is….

We’re a small brewery and we’ve had to completely rejig what we do to contend with massive shifts in where demand has come from, totally unexpected changes in home life and new pressures on time. Obviously the pub/bar sector disappeared overnight and this remains a scary time for everyone in the industry. It’s sad/frustrating to see that the hospitality industry remains in limbo while other places are getting the nod to tentatively (or otherwise) open up. It all seems pretty messy and such uncertainty for so many independent businesses isn’t on. With early July fast approaching there aren’t even vague recommendations around how opening can realistically and safely take place and it’s looking like there’s going to be lot of guess work around people’s safety.

So far as the brewery goes it was a financial risk to begin brewing again but so far its been worth it. It’s been disappointing to say no to wholesale business from a few places of late, but brewing less within a still uncertain environment means wholesale prices for cask beer don’t work at a point, when time, resources, cash and credit are all of the essence. Brewing enough to cover direct-to-home retail without worrying about getting overloaded with stock has been the only way to go. For us, brewing to sell cask beer at less than half the currently available retail price only works with longer brew lengths, more brewing, more beer and more time – and brewing more beer needs an open wholesale market on a broader scale. Every pint of beer brewed and sold in the last two months has been with an eye on paying the bills and being as efficient as possible. Simple as that.

Thankfully, the retail sales and deliveries locally have been beyond wildest dreams stuff but things will change in the coming weeks and we need to be on our toes to try and keep things rolling. As cash in pockets becomes less in some parts and with many industries trying to return to work, Mon-Fri won’t be what it was for the home delivery market. As the grey area between home/work and places being open/closed grows over the next couple of months the trick for breweries like this one will be to ramp up at the right time while maintaining, managing and growing the retail side of things.

On to the webshop referral discount…

Firstly a big thanks if you’ve bought something or taken an interest in what we’ve been upto, particularly over the last couple of months, it’ll be huge in keeping us going. The support as always is appreciated and everything will be going back into the coffers to make sure we can stay open and ideally kick on in future. With lots of people buying pretty regularly over the website of late we’ve been thinking how to make the shop a bit more interesting for us all as we move into new territory in the next few weeks …with that in mind we’ve put together a referral discount link that”ll be applied to all customer accounts.

What To Do…

Just grab your account specific code from your My Account page, use it to introduce new people (Email, WhatsApp it to friends & family etc) to the shop – they’ll just need to open the website via the link you send and buy something – and on your next order you’ll get 10% off your total basket. Simples.

You’ll get your coupon(s) on your My Account page (see below) once a referral order has been Completed (this is paid for and delivered to the door) via your referral link.

You should receive your code for a New Order from a New Person. I’ve been testing it and all seems to be working fine – so feel free to try and break it! Ha

Fire away and grab some discounts on your future orders!!

Cheers Ed


  • Steve GRANT says:

    How do I access the My Account page?
    Nothing showing in the drop down top right


    • Ed Bright says:

      Hi Steve, I’ve been messing about with the website. You’ll need to refresh the cache on your browsers and you should be good to go. If bot let me know and I’ll have a look. Ed

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