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All the beers are vegetarian friendly, with majority being vegan friendly.

The beer lives – literally as its unpasteurised – in different conditions, at different temperatures.

Every beer – including cans – is naturally conditioned and hand packaged at the brewery.

This represents our core range but CHECK THE SHOP for current availability as the availability of  these and any new lines can change quickly.



The Mandarin Candidate Pale Ale

ABV 3.4% / IBU 42

We’ve been looking to nail a modern tasty low abv pale ale for a while and this seems to fit the bill.

First pour was at our brewtap in Feb 2019 and it quickly became the biggest seller we’ve had in an afternoon by some stretch. Packed with mandarin oranges and citrus forward hops, it’s super tasty for the abv with an amazing glow that means it sells quick once on.
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L’il Napoleon Pale Ale

ABV 3.9% / IBU 40

Li’l Napoleon is a small beer. Short, cocky, hot tempered and attention seeking. It’s an aggressively ambitious session Pale Ale, a little fella that’ll stand out in any company.

With two big US hops in the shape of Mosaic & Cascade it’s to be expected. Prepare for a tropical, citrus orange finish with a fruity mid-range bitterness, an easy drinkin’ Pale Ale that’s happy to hog the limelight all day long.

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Absolute Banker Pale Ale

ABV 4.7% / IBU 47

We love our US hops, this is our take on a US Pale Ale.

The IBUs are at the top end of the range, but come on, they could be higher. It’s the bitterness that gives some beers their character and we’re not about to hold back now. A resinous, earthy intensity from the Magnum hops and some spiciness from the Liberty, allows the citrus characteristics of the legendary Cascade hops shine through.

We’ve recently added Citra to the mix, why not….

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U.S Cream Ale

ABV 5.5% / IBU 18

This is a pilsner/pale ale hybrid is a refreshingly light & crisp beer.

The recipe is a nod to the US pre-prohibition era so its Liberty hops to add a refreshing essence of citrus, grapes, peaches and vanilla. A perfectly timed drop of honey along with a double dose of hops makes this an interesting yet easy drinker for all.

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Single Hop IPA

ABV 5.7% / IBU 55

Hoppy? Some beers are confused, not this Single-Hop IPA.

With a strength hidden beneath its smooth caramel notes, it’s lately been layers of pungent Amarillo, Mosaic or Simcoe driving this beer. A heavy hit dry hop hit of T90s – whichever hop we use – is exactly why this classic American IPA is a go-to hop at the Brewery.

Caramel, tangerine, orange citrus, tropical fruit and grapefruit – it’s got the lot and drinks very well.

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Original Chocolate Stout

ABV 5.8% / IBU 32

Originally brewed as a Father’s Day request for a Manchester chocolatier this stout has a chocolate backbone without ever coming over too sweet.

Malts kilned until they have developed a chocolate flavour, the rawest form of chocolate and a good helping of the best cacao powder makes this an extremely drinkable mid-abv stout. Originally thought of as a limited edition, this beer quite literally forced its way into our line-up. Its ace all year round.

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Donkey Punch NEIPA

ABV 5.5% / IBU 26

Needs to be drank as fresh as possible. Its highly hopped, highly charged and fruity.

With a bitter zing this NEIPA will without doubt wake up your taste buds. Visually, its dank, its opaque, it’s whatever en vogue term you want. With a natural carbonation that sets it all off perfectly, the mango takes it to another level.

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WA15 Magnum Red IPA

ABV 7.2% / IBU 63

A man’s GOT to know his limitations.

This is a 7.2% WA15 Magnum. Do you feel lucky? High hopped and dry hopped this is a fully loaded American-style IPA. Dark amber in appearance the three US hop varieties give a powerful, complex, yet balanced flavour and aroma.

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Fresh Beer

Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown….Saison, Saison, Saison.

We’re doing our level best to keep fresh beer coming during what’s been a difficult time for a small batch brewery. Our absolute priority has been to keep our very local suppliers in beer (when open) and the retail arm of the brewery moving, as such our core beers have been prioritised.

THAT SAID!! Check our Saison. 6.5% of goodness made with world famous Timperley Rhubarb. Available now in 750ml Bottles. Nice.


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Riotous Oat Break…

Galaxy, Simcoe & Amarillo Oatmeal IPA

Fresh brew on the shop. An Oatmeal IPA with a triple hit of Galaxy, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Winter tropical in 440 cans and Mini-keg just in time for Christmas. Santa wears shorts, right?


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We’re always open to collabs with other breweries or bars. Any opportunity to brew really and the chance to experiment with ideas we think will work.

Here’s a few of our latest available collabs and one-offs. Get in touch to check availability as our favs will no doubt make a comeback!!





Our keg conditioned beers let us showcase beers in what is undoubtedly becoming the go to format for beer presentation. A heavy US influence here but very much “Manc-made”.

They allow us to naturally condition beer in-keg, meaning we can manage carbonation levels appropriate to beer style in-house. They’re also exceptional at holding the flavours we’re looking for in lots of our beers all the way through to service.

Thankfully they can now also be recycled and turned back into new Keykegs.

All our beer range goes into KeyKegs.


Perceptions of cask beer are changing with new styles of beer adding new levels of complexity to how a cask beer should or can be presented. Whatever your outlook cask customers will demand quality.

Certain beer styles, establishments and clientele need a certain look and feel to their cask beers.

Our meticulous management of each cask allows us to fine tune our cask beers to match these expectations.

Where possible all our beer range goes in to cask.

Bottles & Cans

Bottled conditioned beer was the only beer we produced when first stating the brewery and it’s provided the platform for everything brewed to date. We’ve recently started canning our beer in-house and we’re one of only a few breweries that uses natural conditioning for our cans. The cans and bottles very make are very much small batch and are absolutely handcrafted. Our methods allow us a greater control over quality and batch sizes leading to much freshness, enhanced flavour and longevity of life in these beers.

All our beers our bottled or canned throughout the year.

5L Mini-Keg

Produced very much in the style of a cask beer we prime each keg individually to make sure they’re well conditioned on service. We put the majority of our beers in them so you can enjoy 8.5 pints anytime, any place, anywhere. Great for parties.

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