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With loads of people enjoying our 5L Mini-Kegs & even more looking for cask/keg beer options they can serve easily at home – it’s time to move your home service experience to another level.

We love a bit of beer tech and via our German beer buddies we’ve lined up some ace home dispense kit – check this for use with our 5L Mini-kegs!!

If you’re after some quick demos on set-up read on – they’re very easy to set-up and use.

Fitting the CO2 Cartridge

Twist the 16g C02 Pellet (placed inside the handle) on quickly, firmly and tightly. Hear hissing? Twist tighter.

Make sure the regulator is closed when setting up and also close between servings, it’ll save you gas.

One 16g Co2 Cartridge should serve a minimum of 1 x 5L Keg (8 pints), possibly up to 1.5 x 5L Kegs (12 pints) if managed correctly.

Tap That Keg!!!

Once tapped use (twist) the flow control value to adjust flow rate while in service.

Just make sure the regulator stays closed after every use to save CO2 and your beer.

Beer O’Clock…

Pour pint and relax…

On the shop now!!

Deluxe Co2 Mini-Keg Dispenser

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