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Ed Bright

A Scratch? Your Arms Off! No It Isn’t – Hope Not Anyway….

By Industry Stuff

So word on the street is here we go again….maybe.

We’re nearly 8 months into this and having apparently sorted “the numbers” during summer, the stable door wasn’t bolted with proper testing. Now the Shire horse is loose in the field with the bull.

Most industries at this point have been hit hard during Lockdown Part 1 but rumour (yes really, still rumour & speculation) has it the UK (Northern) hospitality industry, including producers, suppliers all the way through to bar & table side service is about to be nailed again big time. This despite, in the main, sorting it’s part of the deal since July.

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Webshop Referral Discount

By The Brewery

It’s been similar for most businesses but I’ll say it again – this last few months has been madness!!! It still is….

We’re a small brewery and we’ve had to completely rejig what we do to contend with massive shifts in where demand has come from, totally unexpected changes in home life and new pressures on time. Obviously the pub/bar sector disappeared overnight and this remains a scary time for everyone in the industry. It’s sad/frustrating to see that the hospitality industry remains in limbo while other places are getting the nod to tentatively (or otherwise) open up. It all seems pretty messy and such uncertainty for so many independent businesses isn’t on. With early July fast approaching there aren’t even vague recommendations around how opening can realistically and safely take place and it’s looking like there’s going to be lot of guess work around people’s safety.

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5L Keg Dispensers

By The Brewery

With loads of people enjoying our 5L Mini-Kegs & even more looking for cask/keg beer options they can serve easily at home – it’s time to move your home service experience to another level.

We love a bit of beer tech and via our German beer buddies we’ve lined up some ace home dispense kit – check this for use with our 5L Mini-kegs!!

If you’re after some quick demos on set-up read on – they’re very easy to set-up and use.

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Beer, Deliveries & Stuff

By The Brewery

Just to follow on from the note yesterday and to clarify our position….already rambling and it’s only day two!!

Although, Brewery Shops (overnight) have been placed on the Government shop exemptions list the brewery WILL NOT be open for sales or collection of beer. In the nicest possible way PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VISIT US, it will compromise me personally, other businesses on site and the remaining online business we have.

WE WILL continue to trade online – subject to availability – and will get beer to you safely using our NO CONTACT, DELIVERY SERVICE.

This will remain the case until we’re formally advised otherwise, we review ourselves on other grounds – or til someone else decides to take an angle grinder to the gates at Radium to see what else they can get. What the actual F$%£..?!?

All the best Bow, family & TBT Fitness, it just £uc£ing heartless what people will do at the minute. We’re next door and my stomach turned when I got the call and headed down there this morning.
Fortunately, we have very little of value in terms of flipping it for easy money left down there. So, not that it’ll deter, if you’re thinking about it don’t waste your time and energy, there’s very little of value onsite – we’re in the middle of a Pandemic!!

Eyes out for anyone selling knocked off gym equipment…I ain’t laughing but it’s like living in the Back to the Future II bad timeline at the moment…..

Anyway, on to deliveries – Why & How? Read More

We’re Still Open…Mostly.

By Industry Stuff, The Brewery

Thought it best to mull that little lot over before announcing anything formal around the brewery, events and beers today. Just as 2020 was hotting up….

Without a doubt yesterday’s announcements will have a huge impact on the brewery and industry in the coming months. Cash flow aside the other big one is insurance….Despite COVID-19 being named a notifiable disease by the Government for insurance purposes, due to wording, this means lots of businesses as it stands – including us – won’t be covered whether forced in to closure or not. We’ve full coverage for “Plague” apparently but not this one. Bollocks.

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Manchester Beer Week – Party At The Orchard

By The Brewery

Summer is fast approaching, what to do….

Go on then let’s pull together some of Altrincham & Manchester’s finest small batch producers of food, drink & music sets together in one place for something a bit different. We’re taking the BrewTap offsite for a Mcr Beer Week and Summer Special!!!!

As soon as we heard the guys at Mcr Beer Week were looking for ways to push things beyond the Manchester City Centre boundaries we instantly thought we could provide them an event spot…..

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One Price Fits All? Nice Try.

By Industry Stuff
Remember Saturday Swap Shop? All pretty harmless fun, lots of small kids phoning in and swapping toys and getting rid of what to them had probably become junk, an answer to their problems. Panini Mexico 86 Swaps. Hmmm. Anyway, Beer Swaps by all accounts are the answer to every small breweries problems to….

We recently got dug out by someone – a bar in fact – on Mark Zuckerberg’s very non-private forum who decided they’d provide a bit of “feedback” by name about a few breweries who’s starting cask prices they didn’t like. All fair game really being in such a public industry but definitely something to digest when you’re a newish brewery owner. Just a pity we weren’t tagged to make it a fair game. Do you respond? Yop. Read More

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