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August 2017

Let’s Call it Six Months….

By The Brewery

While I’ve got 10 mins….

Not sure what I was expecting but it’s been a hectic few months. Just realised it’s near enough a year to the day I packed in the day job and jumped feet first in to building a brewery near our family home in Altrincham. Regrets? None really. That said, aside from having Poppy our daughter last September in a brewery sense the last six months of 2016 were forgettable but you can read about that elsewhere. Things have moved on but won’t be forgotten….

After brewing for the first time at Radium in December 16’, 2017 has seen things start to move in the direction I was hoping when planning, daydreaming, flirting with the idea of setting up a microbrewery 3 years ago. Beer, nice people, offers of help, offers, events, challenges, flexibility, inflexibility, opportunity, vans, strange looks, vindictive complaints, people who love/hate the brand, CVs & Stag dos have all headed this way and it’s becoming a really interesting place to play.

At some points I’ve never worked as hard, but on the flip I’m getting time to start thinking about kicking it all on after sorting (ish) some major points. ie. Beer & people Read More

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